Welcome to the website for the registered charity Cordomus.

We are a new small charity and our website is a work in progress, so please bear with us while we add more information.

Cordomus was founded in 2009 by Deal solicitor, Donna Payne and has a Board of Trustees comprising local people with a wide range of relevant skills and experience. Cordomus is based in Deal, Kent, and will help families in crisis whether pre or post separation and was born from Mrs Payne's free scheme to assist and represent the victims of domestic abuse. Cordomus will, primarily, offer services in the area covered by Dover District Council.

Cordomus is built around the belief that families create community and so if we are to support community we have to support families. Families in crisis are pushed from pillar to post to try and engage with the services they need – we believe that at a time of great stress families should be offered all the services they need under one roof and so our ultimate aim is to have a centre offering all services at one location – but this cannot be achieved overnight.