Our Trustees Biographies

Chair and Trustee - Donna Payne is a solicitor who has been in practice for over 15 years and who has a wealth of experience in family law. Donna Payne opened her own practice in Walmer, Deal Kent in April 2006. In 2009 she launched a free service to advise and represent victims of Domestic Abuse. This scheme demonstrated a paucity of provision for families in crisis in the district of Dover and so Donna hatched her hugely ambitious plans which lead to the formation of Cordomus.

“Cordomus may have been my idea but it would have not taken flight without the commitment of my fellow trustees and I have been entirely heartened by the incredible levels of help being offered to our fledging organization”

For Donna Cordomus is an opportunity to offer families support beyond the initial crisis management and to offer services that families experiencing a possible separation need all under one roof.

Treasurer and Trustee – Janey Lorimer As a young woman Janey enjoyed an active working life as an Auxiliary Coastguard at both Dover Coastguard and in the Ops room with the rescue helicopters at RAF Manston and spent many happy hours being rescued for practice out of the Dover Strait.

She then concentrated on her career as a customs officer, working around Kent on various teams, and as a dog handler, before leaving to pursue other interests.

Janey later joined Kent Police and commenced part time studies for degrees in Psychology and Social Sciences. Having worked with Kent Police for fourteen years training, mentoring and coaching police officers to investigate and interview suspects and witnesses, Janey also found the time to study self development and trained as a lifecoach.

In 2008 Janey trained to be an NLP+ hypnosis practitioner with Dr Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna. She continues to work with some of the best coaches in the world and really enjoys specialising as a confidence coach, inspiring professional women and busy mums to successfully manage their weight, long term health and fitness so that they can be comfortable and confident with themselves.

The key therapies that Janey uses are NLP, Hypnosis, Timeline Therapy and Thought Field Therapy.

Trustee - Charlie Elphickle As the Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Dover & Deal. Charlie enjoys chatting to people at community days, fighting for our community and going to Deal's new Pier cafe for a good fry up with the kids!

Locally, Charlie lives at his home in Deal. Married with two children, Charlie lived in Sandwich before moving to Deal.

Charlie is a tax lawyer and a research fellow at the centre for Policy Studies and an expert on tax and pensions. Charlie previously worked in the pharmaceutical research industry and also set up and ran an award winning small business.

Charlie was immediately ready to do all he could for CORDOMUS – as he said “domestic violence makes my blood boil”

Trustee - Cas Heath-Faye

I have over 30 years experience in the caring profession working in a variety of roles, starting in nursing. I completed my Registered General Nurse training at the William Harvey Hospital, Ashford, Kent in 1982, working for a year and a half in Intensive Care as a staff nurse. I went on to qualify as a Registered Mental Nurse in 1985, training at St Augustines Hospital in Chartham, where I later worked as a clinical teacher from 1986 -1988.

I trained in psychotherapy at The Gestalt Centre, London between 1985 -1993, where I worked to integrate personal growth with my professional development. This experience formed the basis of my confidence in being able to create and sustain therapeutic relationships with any client group, adults and young people, individually or in groups. In 1988 I took time out to go travelling round South East Asia, India and Africa, returning to the UK in 1989, to establish a private practice, working with adults, individually and in groups as a therapist, for the next 3 years.

During this time, I developed an interest in child development and began working with looked after children, first as Co-ordinator of a Therapeutic Education Centre for 2 years and then as an Assistant Team Manager at The Caldecott Therapeutic Community. I gained a Diploma in Therapeutic Child Care at the Caldecott College and this 5 year experience of residential child care, tested my capacity for self preservation in the face of adversity, providing an opportunity to learn some positive relationship skills such as empathy, resilience, patience, sensitivity and self awareness, not forgetting a healthy sense of humour and a passion for fair play! I had the privilege of working with many children, young people and their families, achieving significant insight and understanding into their needs, coping strategies, the impact of abuse and neglect on child development and parenting capacity.

Leaving the Caldecott in 1999, I lived in West Africa for 6 months before returning to the UK in 2000. As a favour to an old friend, I accepted a temporary job for 6 weeks working with adults as a Community Psychiatric nurse in Peckham for South London & Maudsley Health Care trust. Well, I don’t really know what happened, maybe some sort of time warp but I was still there 18 months later and left just in time to move back to Kent and give birth to my son!

That was 8 years ago now and after a brief return to residential child care after becoming a mum, I now work as a Practitioner (part time) for Action for Children’s Impact project, (working with women and children affected by domestic abuse), in the Dover District, where I am largely responsible for the development of the women’s service, providing advice, support and advocacy. This role includes individual needs assessments, risk assessments, professional consultation, multi-agency liaison and training. I am authorised to deliver the Kent & Medway Domestic Violence Strategy Group’s Domestic Violence Training Programme and have delivered this training for Kent Safeguarding Children Board.

I also currently work as a freelance trainer for a private fostering agency, delivering training to foster parents in Kent, Essex and the Midlands, on Child Development, Therapeutic Behaviour Management and Multicultural Awareness & Valuing Diversity. I am also an Independent Panel member for three private fostering organisations, considering recommendations for approval of new foster parent applications.

I love travelling and have stories of journeys throughout Europe, Africa, India, USA, and South East Asia. My last major adventure involved a ‘Thelma and Louise’ style charity fundraising journey with a friend, in a little red Vauxhall Cavalier I bought for £250. As ‘Sisters on Safari’, we drove from Dover to Bamako the capital of Mali, West Africa, across the Sahara desert, to raise funds for charities in Mali and the UK. Extreme, exciting, adventurous, different and little bit crazy . . . . I guess that sums me up!

My other interests include, camping, African drumming, story telling, music, football, writing, walking and any opportunity to play. I live in south east Kent and have one, ‘love-you-more-than-all-the-grains-of-sand-in-the-Sahara-desert’ son.